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976.42 acres Clayton, NM $878,778

976.42 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Ben G. Scott Scott Land Company, LLC

Type: Acreage

Amistad 976.42 State: New Mexico Region: Eastern New Mexico County: Union Property Type: CRP/Irrigated Farmland Acres: 976.42 acres more or less Price: $900.00 per acre Taxes: Approximately $824.34 annually Location: Southeast of Clayton, NM west of Dalhart, Texas Krystal M. Nelson (NM Qualifying Broker) This property is located 5 miles east, 4miles south and mile east of Amistad, New Mexico approximately 50 miles southeast of Clayton, NM and approximately 48 miles west of Dalhart, Texas. The formally designated farmland (617.5 acres) is currently enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program until September 30, 2022 $45.60 per acre per year with the remaining acreage of the property in native grass. This property has six irrigation wells and four pivot pads with underground line in place to the pivot pads. Three of the four original circles contain approximately 125 acres each with the fourth circle containing approximately 245 acres. Relatively shallow water levels should allow a cheaper pumping cost with natural gas being available to the irrigation wells for irrigation of the property. Due to the fact that there is extreme demand for real estate throughout the nation and that the dairy industry has moved to Eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle this property deserves your attention as a potential investment with considerable depreciable assets, a working, combination irrigated farm and/or cattle operation and as a dairy or feedyard support farm for feed.

29,796 acres Clayton, NM $9,000,000

29,796 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Tye Terrell Terrell Land & Livestock

Type: Acreage

EXCLUSIVE OFFERING ON THE CEDAR CREEK RANCH A PREMIER RANCH LOCATED IN UNION COUNTY, NEW MEXICO GENERAL: This is one of the very, very finest ranches in the entire State of New Mexico! A prime and unique Ranch under the same family ownership for over 70 years! Prime in respect to the care and conservation practiced for three generations by knowledgeable owners. Unique from the physical amenity of a significant amount of surface water and the natural protection necessary for livestock and wildlife in this high quality rangeland region of Northeastern New Mexico. Surface water in any part of New Mexico is very unusual; the Cedar Creek Ranch has 5 creeks that provide running water or pools of water throughout the Ranch. These creeks are conveniently located in various parts of the Ranch. Natural protection in this region of New Mexico is required for a good, solid, yearlong cow-calf operation and the Cedar Creek Ranch has just the perfect amount of shallow canyons and trees to provide that protection during winter storms. Combining these basic natural amenities with the well-planned range fencing, irrigation and building improvements along with wells and pipeline systems to provide additional distribution of water for livestock and wildlife, make this an extremely efficient and enjoyable ranch operation. Being almost 50 Sections or Square Miles in size, the Ranch is not difficult to manage nor gather, thus extremely efficient requiring less labor and time . Scenic appeal is provided by the gently sloping grasslands interspersed with the rock and tree lined canyons and one major volcanic / malpais ridge located in the north-western part of the Ranch. Located in one canyon of the Ranch is a rock formation known as Garden of the Gods; the rocks, Cottonwood Trees and a portion of Cedar Creek combine to form this attractive setting; theres also numerous Indian camps in this region and several other areas on the Ranch. The Ranch contains approximately 9,624 Acres of Deeded Land and approximately 20,172.60 Acres of New Mexico State Grazing Lease Land, equally a total of approximately 29,796.6 Acres. The Deeded Land is scattered throughout the Ranch mainly along all of the creek bottoms. The State Land is all under one grazing lease with the State which basically means it cant be divided unless the Owner of the Ranch or the Grazing Lessee wants to do a partial assignment. Viewing of a Land Status Map illustrates how it would be unfeasible to do virtually anything with this State Land without owning the intermingled Deeded Land. LOCATION: West-Southwest of Clayton, New Mexico. Access is via State Highway 56, about 26 Miles west of Clayton, then north on State Road 453. The southwest corner of the Ranch is 3 Miles north of State Road 56 on State Road 453. The west boundary of the Ranch joins State Road 453 for 5 Miles. State Highway 56 is known as the Clayton Springer Highway. State Road 453 extends north to Grenville which is located on State Highway 64/87, this highway is known as the Clayton Raton Highway. PHYSICAL FEATURES: Elevation ranges mostly from a low of about 5,400 feet to a 5,650 feet on the majority of the Ranch with the previously mentioned volcanic ridge rising to about 5,800 feet. Precipitation records indicate 16 inches per year; as high as one finds in the entire State except for the mountainous regions which dont make good year-round cattle country. Normally this area is not only known for the large amount of precipitation but also for the consistency of moisture over the years. Unfortunately, this area is experiencing the unusually dry/drought that much of New Mexico and the Southwest faced in 2011 and even the much larger area in 2012. The Ranch has reduced the cattle herd to only replacement heifers; as mentioned, they run a very conservative operation and have never hurt the Ranch from overgrazing. Closest frost-free records indicate 158 days per year with the last freeze on April 28 and the first freeze on October 15. Vegetation includes a wide range of highly nutritious grasses including; Black Grama, Blue Grama, Side-Oats Grama, Six-Weeks Grama, several Bluestems, Mesa Dropseed, etc. Trees include Juniper (locally known as Cedars) and Pinon-Pine Trees and several other varieties along the Creeks. Browses include Apache Plume, Oak Brush and Winter-Fat. The grass density is considered very dense or solid turf in many areas. The creek bottoms support dense stands of a variety of grasses and are not eroded which is so common, another sign of conservation practices on the Ranch. Soils include mostly sandy-clay loams with some clay soils and very little sandy soils areas . Volcanic soils some with rocks outcroppings are found in some regions of the Ranch. It is a known fact, that volcanic soils produce the most nutritious (higher in vitamins and minerals) grasses for livestock and had a great influence on the historic settlement of this Ranch. The original settlers were ranchers with both sheep and cattle and they searched out these prime areas of volcanic soils and settled there because their livestock did much better concerning body condition and gains. CATTLE OPERATION: This Ranch is capable of supporting either a year-round cow-calf operation or a yearling operation, whether that being year-round or seasonal or a combination of cows and yearlings. As discussed the good protection allows this diversification which is not common in this region of the State. The Ranch has historically carried the equivalent of 800 Animal Units year-round. It might be pointed out that many ranches in this area rate their carrying capacity much higher but again this has been a conservative operation and is good condition with no major problems . Calf weighs have varied but are usually close to 600 pounds in recent years. A typical 165 day summer grazing season would produce close to 300 pound gain on yearling cattle. WILDLIFE: The Ranch supports a good population of big Mule Deer and Pronghorn Antelope. Wild Turkeys or sort of wild Turkeys are also found on the Ranch. Quail, Dove, Ducks and some Geese are also present. The number of Antelope permits varies from year to year. IMPROVEMENTS: There are two complete headquarter units on the Ranch: - Cedar Creek Headquarters has a large residence, cowboy house, barns and corrals. This is a complete unit that is located along the Cedar Creek in a very pretty, narrow canyon setting. The residence has been renovated in recent years and is in excellent condition. The barns and corrals havent been used much and they arent kept up. The main residence was built in 1917 and it is not your typical ranch-style architecture nor interior dcor, it resembles a early 1900s residence of very good construction and nice quality design with many extras! - Gallegos Creek Headquarters is located just below Snyder Lake along Gallegos Creek which is a fairly wide, shallow canyon with an abundance of Trees, mostly Cottonwoods and even a few fruit trees. It is also a complete unit with a main residence, guest house and additional housing for several cowboys. Also located here are the main corrals, historic barn, a couple of wooden box-cars, two new horse barns with numerous stalls and runs, large horse pens and several irrigated fields planted with permanent pasture for grazing. The main residences origin goes back to the first settler probably in the late 1800s. It is constructed of rock and is classic with exposed rock walls, latillas ceiling and flagstaff rock floors. The setting for this Headquarters is extremely scenic and as the following photos portray, a haven for wildlife. This pretty canyon with the large trees and irrigated fields compliment the unusually nice location for a horse operation of any type. - Range Livestock Improvements include: 8 main pastures and several smaller traps; fencing is mostly 4 strand barbwire on cedar or steel posts in good condition. Wells include 5 wells ( one at each headquarters) equipped with submersible pumps, 6 wells equipped with solar pumps and 5 wells equipped with windmills. There are 3 pipeline systems that furnish 1 to 3 pipeline water troughs. When these wells are combined with all of the water provided by the creeks and pools along the creeks, this Ranch has an excellent water distribution system, and can easily function even in dry times. IRRIGATION: In close proximity to the Gallegos Creek Headquarters is Snyder Lake which is an unusually large dirt reservoir. Also at his same location is a irrigation well (500+ feet deep) equipped with an electric pump set at 450 feet. This well is capable of producing 400 GPM with 50 pounds of pressure. There is a solid underground water system from the irrigation well ( 6 inch plastic pipe, 180 psi ) which furnishes water to 7 fields. Each field has at least one or more risers. The irrigated acreage is approximately 60 Acres. The fields are currently planted in Alfalfa Wheatgrass mix. This irrigation adds a lot of opportunities to the Ranch and is not at all common for New Mexico Ranches! THE OFFERING: The Cedar Creek Ranch is priced at $9,000,000.00. This is a cash offering and the sale is subject to the Seller doing a partial 1031 Tax-Free Exchange. Buyer will be required to cooperate with said 1031 exchange but at no additional expense to the Buyer. There are no known comparable ranch properties to the Cedar Creek Ranch with all of its unique amenities, overall quality and condition of the Ranch, thus, please do not try and compare this Ranch to the ranch market in general. The Cedar Creek Ranch will be purchased by a Buyer who is influenced and motivated primarily by: QUALITY - UNIQUENESS - REPUTATION - PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP DEEDED LAND 9,624 Acres + STATE LEASE LAND 20,172 Acres = 29,796 Acres Total This property is offered subject to price change, prior sale, the 1031 Tax-Free Exchange and/or withdrawal from the market. All information is gathered from sources deemed reliable but is not guaranteed by Seller or Broker.

1,536 acres Roy, NM $1,036,800

1,536 acres Roy, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage

this is prime yearling country. This is some to the tightest turf we have ever seen. This country has not been abused, well managed for decades. I don't think there is a cholla or yucca cactus on the place, just pure short-grass turf. If you are looking for quality pasture this is ideal, cattle will pack on the weight during a normal rainfall year. There is abundant water supplied by two wells, one submersible one windmill, and a pipeline for additional distribution. Boundary and internal fences are in good condition. The place is divided into two pastures, one 640 acres and the other 896 acres. This is a quality place in great condition, ready to stock.

960 acres Clayton, NM $624,000

960 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage

960 Acres of Grassland approximately 42 Miles North of Clayton, NM off Hwy 370, turning West 1/2 Mile on Ridge Road. Beautiful 360 degree views of Sierra Grande and Capulin Volcano National Monument. Owner states there is a live Spring on this land. County maintained caliche roads. Has been used for cattle grazing in most recent years. Deer and Antelope for the avid hunter.

800 acres Gladstone, NM $400,000

800 acres Gladstone, NM

Union County Norman Punch Hennigan Kiowa Land and Sales

Type: Acreage

The open high prairie grassland ranch is located at Gladstone, NM along the Ute Creek and has several natural lakes and excellent underground water with 1 submergible and a windmill. There is good access and power available throughout the ranch which would be suitable with the concept of splitting up into 140 acres and up. The ranch has beautiful views of the volcanoes to the North and the surrounding mesas with the Ute Creek near by, snaking its way through the open prairie. Antelope roam the whole area with fish in the creek along with a few deer and the occasional wandering elk.. Make this your true home on the prairie.

482 acres Clayton, NM $361,500

482 acres Clayton, NM

Union County A. JERRI Miller MESA VIEW REALTY llc

Type: Acreage

482 deeded acres located in Union County, southeast of Clayton, adjoining Highway 87 with utilities available and can be divided into smaller parcels. Includes a Livestock well with solar pump. A Recent test hole produced 700+ gallons per minute. Priced at $750.00 per acre ($361,400.00)

320 acres Clayton, NM $320,000

320 acres Clayton, NM

Union County A. JERRI Miller MESA VIEW REALTY llc

Type: Acreage

320 acres deeded located in Union County near Sedan. Improvements include good windmill for livestock watering, an irrigation test hole with potential irrigation water all in native grass and fenced, located on a good caliche road. Electricity on the property

50 acres Des Moines, NM $260,000

50 acres Des Moines, NM

Union County Norman Punch Hennigan Kiowa Land and Sales

Type: Acreage w/House 3 Beds | 3 Baths | 3 SqFt

Beautiful custom-designed 3100 triple wide Karsten mobile home on 50 acres of high plateau surrounded by numerous volcanoes 9-12 ceilings & many eloquent additions to the home 2 master suites with gas fireplaces 2 additional rooms with a 3rd bath near living rm & kitchen Living room and den with fireplace, wood beams with beautiful spiral columns Heated by 2 furnaces, 2 hot water heaters & cooled by 2 air conditioners Shatter proof double pane windows Front porch with tongue & groove ceiling Enclosed Santa Fe style back courtyard Over-sized attached 2 car garage Sheds & Corrals: Enclosed 40 x 60 shop, corrals & horse shed Utilities: 180 water well with storage cistern, REA electric and generator shed with back up electric, and double septic tanks

0.84 acres Clayton, NM $225,000

0.84 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Residential 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 3000 SqFt

Turn of the Century home flourishing with western history of the early 1900's. Two Story home has over 3000 square feet of living area. Features metal roof, hard wood floors, adobe walls, central heat & air, fireplace and beautiful tile work. Private courtyard with rock fireplace. This home has a tie with the past, which owners have maintained, while adding present day conveniences.

9.4 acres Clayton, NM $159,000

9.4 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage w/House 4 Beds | 2 Baths | 2048 SqFt

This well maintain Two-Story Home offers 4B/2B and 2048SF of living space. Living Room has gas heater, Den, Large Utility Room and storage galore throughout. Large Sun Porch to enjoy the sunrise and attached 2C Garage/Workshop for the handyman. Storm Cellar available for storage. Kitchen has a breakfast bar and plenty of cabinets. Outbuildings and a great domestic well on this property. What you will like is the wide open space, night skies and beautiful sceery. Call us for an appointment to view this "Little House on the prairie".

31 acres Clayton, NM $149,000

31 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage w/House 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1612 SqFt

31Acres with good fencing and an American Villa Manufactured Home on PF, with 3B/2B, Wood burning fireplace in LR, nice open floor plan. Large Carport in rear and large metal storage building, private well, septic system in place, cattleguards and beautiful views. Here you can have your privacy approximately 8 miles East of Clayton, New Mexico.

228 acres Clayton, NM $136,800

228 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage

228.12 Acres of Vacant Land approximately 2 Miles West of Clayton, New Mexico right off Mays Road. Great investment property - could be developed for commercial or residential use. Own your small 40 Acres now, selling willing to split acreage for smaller plots. Owner financing available for qualified buyer.

5 acres Gladstone, NM $125,000

5 acres Gladstone, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage w/House 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 2300 SqFt

This is the perfect off the grid property. One simply has to add an active alternative power source such as solar or wind and you will be self-sufficient. This property started with a simple single wide mobile home and has been added on to. The southern exposure has a passive solar greenhouse funning the entire 80 foot length of the home. This greenhouse can provide vegetable year round not to mention the incredible warmth the sun provides during the winter months. The heating bills are almost non-existent. There is a sauna and a hot tub in the greenhouse. The north side of the home is an 80 foot additional living space that is not fully finished. All electrical, plumbing, insulation, floor decking, sheetrock are in place. All that is left is flooring, some paint and fixtures. There is a large gas heater in this space. The home has a new metal roof over all of the living space which is heavily insulated. The home is very efficient, by staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer, very cozy and very quiet. Internet, cell phone and television services are available. There is a nice two car carport attached. Numerous out buildings dot this five acre home site. A very nice heated wooden workshop to the east, a great chicken coop and other storage facilities are present. There are two wells, one an electric submergible and the other is a wind powered well. The windmill has a storage tank. There is an additional home on the premises that needs work to make livable. It is currently used as a storage space and being sold as storage space. The property is within driving distance to: Santa Fe 2.5 hours Taos 2.5 hours Cimarron 1 hour Angel Fire 1.5 hours Red River 1.75 hours Clayton .75 hour Springer .5 hour Hiking, skiing, fishing and all other mountain activities both summer and winter are within just a couple hours drive. This part of NM is known for its distinctive four seasons. You will experience some summer heat, big beautiful summer thunderstorms, some winter cold, winter snow and beautiful quiet Indian summers/fall. If you are looking for peace and quiet and to get away from the hustle bustle this is the place for you.

16 acres Clayton, NM $99,900

16 acres Clayton, NM

Union County Rosie DeHerrera Big Country Realty

Type: Acreage w/House 4 Beds | 2 Baths | 2100 SqFt

2002 Double Wide on 16 Acres just 2 miles east of Clayton, NM. This is a 4B/2B Home with 2100SF just a stone's throw from town. The home has recently been refurbished with new paint, carpet, wood laminate flooring, window blinds, roof and all new appliances. Wood burning fireplace in the family Den. Large Kitchen with new appliances, breakfast bar and plenty of room for the dining table. Master bedroom has a garden tub, walk-in shower and his & her closets. Great built in office area with desk and shelves. Wood Decking in rear of home has breathtaking views of the Rabbit Ear Mountain. This 16 Acres will give you plenty of room to roam. City water is available at this location. Owner financing for the qualified buyer.

140 acres Gladstone, NM $84,000

140 acres Gladstone, NM

Union County Norman Punch Hennigan Kiowa Land and Sales

Type: Acreage

140 Acres on the Ute Creek New Listing This awe-inspiring open high prairie grassland ranch is located at Gladstone, NM along the Ute Creek and has excellent underground water. There are good access and power available. The ranch has beautiful views of the volcanoes to the north, surrounding mesas, and the Ute Creek snaking its way through the open prairie. With fish in the creek, deer along the creek bank, antelope roaming the area, and the occasional wandering elk... Make this your true home on the Prairie... *** Click the Helpful Files tab above to access complete brochure ***
17 listings found out of 418,090
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